Neo Noir: Skandinavisk mode til alle kvinder

Neo Noir – Clothes that fit perfectly into your personal style

In recent years, the Danish fashion brand Neo Noir has taken Scandinavian fashion to new heights, and laid us all down with the most beautiful styles that follow the latest trends – and then in the most delicious quality . Here you have a brand for every taste, regardless of whether you are looking for new everyday styles or clothing for slightly more festive outfits.


That’s why Neo Noir suits you

Neo Noir is characterized by their trend-based, but minimalistic and classic style. Their elegant and simple designs make it super easy to style with whatever you have in your closet. Here you get a brand that can easily be combined with your personal style at home. Put any one of the beautiful satin or smock skirts from Neo Noir together with a knitted blouse you have lying around at home, and you have a perfect everyday outfit. If you are looking for a festive outfit, you can take home one of the popular shirts and pair it with a pair of trousers from the wardrobe.


Favorite models that return

With a brand like Neo Noir, it’s hard not to fall in love with their delicious styles. We women probably all know the feeling of wanting a certain style in all the colors of the color palette, and it seems that Neo Noir is aware of this. The Danish brand has a number of styles that they return several times a year in new colors and prints. This also proves that Neo Noir is a brand that produces styles that do not have much prospect of going out of fashion any time soon, and therefore also fit perfectly into the basic wardrobe. Are you looking for a style that will always be brought out of the closet? Then you can benefit from keeping a close eye on styles such as:


Vogue Dress  

Cassie Pants  

Carin Skirt  

Vince Knit Blouse  


Neo Noir on offer

Although Neo Noir with its Scandinavian and classic design rarely goes out of fashion, we in the fashion industry cannot avoid a change in trends and trends. You can therefore also very likely always find several Neo Noir styles that are replaced in their range, and therefore also reduced in price at the various retailers. This applies to everything from both Neo Noir dresses to Neo Noir tops . Do you also know a delicious offer when you see one? So keep an eye out for the beautiful styles from Neo Noir on sale.